1. Tips For a Healthy Digestive System in Dogs

    Keep Your Pup’s Gut Health On Top Hello and welcome back to our blog! While we love our furry friends like they’re our own, nothing’s worse than walking outside in the morning for fresh air and stepping in some of your pup’s poop. Yogi’s Doody Scoopers understands that pet owners love both their pets and their lawns and we’re here to do the work and cleanup that not many people feel to…Read More

  2. Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

    Some of the worst foods for your dog's health Hey there dog lovers and lawn owners alike and welcome back to our blog! Yogi’s Doody Scoopers are the ones to call when you need some help cleaning up dog waste and maintaining a clean, green lawn. Nothing is more important to us than the relationship we share with our pups. Dog owners hold a special bond with their furry friends that goes unmatched…Read More

  3. Are You a Good Neighbor?

    Picture this: a U-Haul full of furniture and heavy boxes, a sweltering August day, and a brand new neighborhood to learn the quirks and foibles of. Now, on this roasting day, with all that manual labor before you, how would you feel if your brand new neighbor came out to yell at you for parking the moving truck in front of your house, causing the neighborhood traffic to come far too close to the R…Read More

  4. Does Your Dog Need Shoes? Weather Protection Questions

    Have you seen those silly videos online of dogs walking in booties for the first time? If you haven’t, you should. We’ll wait. Well, dog booties are around for more than just internet hilarity. Think about all the layers you add on before you go out for some snow time; does it seem fair to ask your dog to go out multiple times a day with nothing between his bare feet and the ground but a layer…Read More

  5. How to Recycle Pet Waste

    When was the last time you thought about where your dog’s waste goes once it’s out of your yard? It’s so simple for most things to be “out of sight, out of mind” as it is, and that’s before we begin talking about things that most would rather not deal with at all if they could help it. Whether you send your kids out to clean the yard once in awhile, you hire a dog pooper scooper, or yo…Read More

  6. Don’t Leave Pet Waste Lying Around

    Let’s face it, there really aren’t bad things about having dogs. But if there was a downside to being a dog owner, most people would probably agree that cleaning up all the dog waste in the backyard isn’t a particularly enjoyable task. No one wants to deal with dog waste, but it’s just one of those unavoidable facets that come along with your loveable family pet. Since it is such an unplea…Read More

  7. Welcome to Yogi’s Doody Scoopers Blog!

    Our fluffy friends are a vital part of our lives. We have dogs because they enrich our lives just as much as we enrich theirs; they bring comfort in sad moments, perfect companionship, and joy pretty much constantly. What’s not to love, when that’s what our beloved pets give unconditionally? Their waste. As much as we love our pooches, none of us enjoy picking up after their messes. The good n…Read More