As experts in pet waste removal, we probably perform one of the most sought-after and highly appreciated household chores there is. Sure, gutter cleaning is more dangerous and window washing is a huge, messy inconvenience, but we’re pretty confident in saying that people don’t often grimace or gag when performing those tasks. It’s cleaning up after your dog’s waste that elicits the “eewwww” response.

So, let us do it. After so many years of helping out your friends and neighbors, we’ve grown pretty accustomed to even great-dane-sized landmines; our experience with dog pooper scooper service means we clean up after our furry friends with precision and a laser-like focus.

We will schedule our services to suit your needs. We can perform several visits per month or just a couple, whatever works best for you and your dog poop clean up needs.

Discover the difference that a clean and clear lawn can make for you and your family by calling us today. Now. Before the next poop.

One Dog


Weekly Service


Two Dogs


Weekly Service


Three Dogs


Weekly Service


Four Dogs

Weekly Service


Five or More Dogs

Weekly Service

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Properties over 1/2 acre

Weekly Service

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One Time Clean-ups

***Our wait list is currently 3 weeks+ and are not accepting appointments for One Time Cleanings at this time*** 

One-time pet waste removal is $75.00 for the first hour for special trips, by appointment.

Most clean-ups average 1 to 1.5 hours, this is usually due to large amounts of waste build-up left over long periods of time.

If there is less than expected when we arrive, our fee may be adjusted.

Please contact us for a quote for your yard.