As pet waste removal, we know just how many pounds of waste American pooches leave behind every year, and it’s actually kind of gross. Lucky for you, however, we don’t feel the need to divulge that info; all you really need to know that you don’t have to pick it up yourself.

At Yogi’s Doody Scoopers, we’re happy to take care of your pet’s waste removal for you.

Keeping lawns free and clear of unhealthy dog waste is arguably the household maintenance chore that nobody in your household wants to do. By us stepping in and taking care of dog waste removal for pet owners, we like to believe that we’re doing our part in keeping our stomping grounds clean and healthy.

We proudly serve residents in neighbourhoods all over Reno and Sparks, taking care of the Northern Nevada area with our pooper scooper services.

Call us today to get started on ridding yourself of your pets’ little unwelcome surprises, and find out why your friends and neighbours love us.